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one General Shamanic Healing – 60 min Session

Life sometimes gives us some very though challenges to test our strength and belief. Sometimes our life spirals upside down. We feel burned out, tired, and without any energy. Our body takes ages to recover. Sometimes things do not happen the way we want them to happen no matter how positive we try to think.

General Shamanic Healing Session

Do you recognize these words or feelings?

· Feeling Dissociated, spaced out, overwhelmed

· The inability to feel emotions

· Loss of memories of traumatic events or entire periods of life

· Having themes that go on throughout life

· Addictions

· Chronic illness

· Depression

· Chronic mishaps

· Always falling short

· Things in life continuously going wrong, one after other

If you are not feeling your best, If you can relate to any or some or all of these, then a shamanic healing may be your answer
This package is for a 60 minute, long distance Shamanic General healing session which includes:

Shamanic Healing using my guides and power animals

1) I start the session with creating a sacred space for protection and non-interference during our healing session …

2) Then I’ll journey in Shamanic space and meet my guides and power animals and ask them to heal you. Depending on your need… they will decide what is needs to be cleared / healed … where it is needed most or clear what is ready to be cleared

3) Some times they just show darkness being cleared and light shining bright and the client experiences what is being cleared in their body… if they are energy sensitive and if the clearing is on a physical level.

Many times, the clearing happens on a spiritual level and some times you will feel the effects only slowly

4) The session will be closed with grounding your energy

About Shamanic Healing:

Shamanism can offer immediate help to those suffering pain from abuse, trauma or injury. It can restore your sense of power giving you renewed strength in your daily life. It addresses the spiritual components of illness making other natural forms of treatment more effective.

Shamanic work speeds physical and emotional recovery, making your days brighter fast.

If you feel a lack of connection to life, if you feel that something is missing or “you’ve never been the same since…”, Shamanic healing can put you on the path to healing your connections to self, to loved ones, to the earth.

In Western / American culture it is the exception rather than the norm for people to feel whole; because people do not feel whole, they look outside of themselves to be fulfilled … with addictions, co-dependent or abusive relationships, workaholism, chronic illness, or, on the flip side, the endless pursuit of spiritual highs. We are a culture of addictions, unhealthy relationships, co-dependencies, child abuse and materialism.

Our treatment of the planet and of each other is a reflection of how we treat ourselves.

What I’ll do and when:

Meet with my own power animals and teachers and get guidance for your shamanic healing, from here I will work with my power animals and teacher to conduct your Shamanic Healing. From here I’ll let my guides perform the healing.

I do this while you are fully rested or sleeping.

When do you feel the effects? What Happens A Few Days After Shamanic Healing:

Again everyone is different, most clients have said they feel very energised, feel lighter, complete inside, feel whole can understand themselves, are able to see life in a completely different light, their issues/problems are no longer there.

Each client will react to their Shamanic Healing in their own special way; clients will feel the effects in most cases straight away, while others feel the feelings disperse gradually.

Some might even feel sadness and depression for having to let go of bonds and people, relationships, others soul parts that they may be carrying and not so willing to let go.

Shamanic healing is very gentle in most instances; however if you are very visual, you might see that you are being opened up, things removed or placed into you, or convert you to a different life form for just during the healing … no need to panic, this is all normal; just relax and enjoy the show.

Most feel nothing or a sense of warmth all over or certain parts of their body, some report they see an animal in their visions, some feel a complete sense of peace and tranquillity, some feel completely enlightened, some feel a rush or push over their body as if something has returned to them, some have report that they have burst out crying, some have said they feel really energized.

About Power Animals:

Power animals play an important role in a shaman’s world. Animal spirits act as guides who show the shaman where to find lost souls parts and answers to questions on behalf of the seeker. Power animals are creatures who work with us to protect and give added strength in times of need. We all have power animals, typically 2-3 at any one time, they work with us: many times it will be an animal that you are fond of. Without knowing they are at our side we tap into their strength when we are in difficult situations. Yet, as with soul loss, we sometimes loose our power animal. At these times we might begin to feel kind of lost and not able to stand up for ourselves. It is at this time we need to go in search of our power animals.

Spirit guides and teachers:

Through my own journeying I have met very special and sacred teachers whom I have learnt and still learning from today. They are usually angels or teachers from the different levels of upper world.

I let my spirit guides and power animals do the healing while I watch.

About the Setting: My room has a very healing energy and this is also true of the entire property where I live. It is a Smoke Free and Pet Free Environment. Your healing space will be surrounded by healing crystals and it is cleared frequently with sage and I also use bells daily and incenses frequently. I also use Fung-Shui principles to decorate the room and keep it clutter-free.

More about the session: … For your session: Which details do I need?

– Full name of person who will receive healing

-Date of birth of person who will receive healing with month written out: month/ day/ year

– Additional information about person who will receive healing

eg. which health problems do you / they have at the moment?

Which problems and challenges are you / they facing at the moment? … This is a general healing and I let my guides decide what they want to heal; but I’ll also mention to the guides what you desire

– Time and date suitable for you / person who will receive healing: I do this at night while you are rested or asleep

– Picture of person who will receive healing (optional)


About me:

I’m a facilitator of Self Healing for my Clients.

I was trained in Intermediate Meta-Physics … involves powerful breathing exercises, affirmations. In early 2009 I got introduced to EFT… I trained in EFT through one-on-one personal coaching sessions, group sessions and DVDs. It started as a journey towards releasing my blocks to abundance, but resulted in a lot of inner child work. When it comes to inner child work and more I love to work with the energy of Love.

I am a USUI Reiki Master and Sekhem-Seichim Reiki Master / Teacher, which includes past life healings, reiki regressions and deep aura cleansing (which includes chord cutting and psychic surgery for past life traumas). I also have experience in using crystals with reiki.

I am an Angel Links Facilitator and a Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy.

I’m new to Shamanic healing, but have performed this with success on healing partners in class.


Energy can travel across time, space and dimension … with focused intention and energy awareness healing can be sent to anyone at any time, and the results can be very profound.

This session is for an hour’s healing that will be sent by distance healing method. This is an intense session and requires me to work for at least one hour on you. You will have to ensure that you have plenty of water before and afterwards.

I will email you once healing is completed.

Please feel free to check out my authenticity by using a dowser / pendulum or muscle testing, etc, but know that if you are reading this it is resonating with you at some level!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, you must seek advice from a professional about your health concerns. Over 18s only. There is no scientific evidence for psychic / healing phenomena so in accordance with ebay rules I must state that this is for entertainment only.

I accept Paypal


Please email me prior to purchasing if you have any questions.

Distance / Remote Healing

Once healing sessions are bought they cannot be refunded. Healing is helpful land beneficial to everyone no matter what their state of health, mind or happiness.

Please check out my other items also … You might find some unique gifts here …


Have fun looking!!!


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