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one Distant Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Angel Healing – 70 min Session

one Distant Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Angel Healing – 70 min Session
This package is for a 70 minute Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Angelic long distance healing session which includes: 1) I start the session with creating a sacred space for protection and non-interference during our healing session … using angels of IET. 2) Then I’ll heart link with God and the healing angels of IET and our higher selves and spirit guides … If you have any intention for the healing, you can think about them at this time. 3) After this, I’ll do a full Integrated Energy Healing, including toning, etc. to remove blockages 4) The session will be closed with grounding your energy. About the Setting: My room has a very healing energy and this is also true of the entire property where I live. It is a Smoke Free and Pet Free Environment. Your healing space will be surrounded by healing crystals and it is cleared frequently with sage and I also use bells daily and incenses frequently. I also use Fung-Shui principles to decorate the room and keep it clutter-free. I might also use aromatic oils and candles … The angels love these!!! About Integrated Energy Therapy (IET): Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) works with the Healing Energies of the Angels. Cell Level Healing that gets ‘the issues out of your tissues’ To me, the energies are more focused, laser-like than Reiki. I focus on specific clearing and integration points on the body with heart / love energy from the Angels and then release the energy blockages from the four energy bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual / Karmic) in the aura. This energy work is very potent but results will vary. I cannot promise same results to everyone… because healing is like peeling the layers of an onion and the same types of issues from different incidences or from different lifetimes get piled on in certain areas and each session is like peeling a layer off. More about the session: I ask for your name/location/date of birth and/or a photograph of you to tune in for the session. I will also place your name in my prayer bowl for one week and send reiki healing energies to this every day for added strength and power to the session. For your session: Which details do I need? – Full name of person who will receive healing -Date of birth of person who will receive healing with month written out: month/ day/ year – Additional information about person who will receive healing eg. which health problems do you / they have at the moment? Which problems and challenges are you / they facing at the moment? Please include a message with if you would like an overall healing or if there is something specific you would like me to concentrate on. I’ll spend a little more time on the specific problem areas – Time and date suitable for you / person who will receive healing: I am available on most Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays – Picture of person who will receive healing (optional) ~~~ About me: I’m a facilitator of Self Healing for my Clients. I was trained in Intermediate Meta-Physics … involves powerful breathing exercises, affirmations. In early 2009 I got introduced to EFT… I trained in EFT through one-on-one personal coaching sessions, group sessions and DVDs. It started as a journey towards releasing my blocks to abundance, but resulted in a lot of inner child work. When it comes to inner child work and more I love to work with the energy of Love. I am a USUI Reiki Master and Sekhem-Seichim Reiki Master / Teacher, which includes past life healings, reiki regressions and deep aura cleansing (which includes chord cutting and psychic surgery for past life traumas). I also have experience in using crystals with reiki. I am an Angel Links Facilitator and trained in Master Instructor level Integrated Energy Therapy. I am attuned to Kundalini reiki, violet flame reiki, etc, but I don’t use them in my healing practice directly ~~~ Energy can travel across time, space and dimension … with focused intention and energy awareness healing can be sent to anyone at any time, and the results can be very profound. This session is for a 70 min healing that will be sent by distance healing method. IET healing sessions may feel warm, tingly and intensely relaxing. But there is also the chance that you will feel nothing … It all depends on how energy sensitive you are and how your body reacts to the Reiki energy, but rest assured that the healing energies are reaching you and will heal as your body needs. They are equally effective via distance as in person because energy has no boundaries. This is an intense session and requires me to work for over one hour on you. You will have to ensure that you have plenty of water before and afterwards. I will email you once healing is completed. Please feel free to check out my authenticity by using a dowser / pendulum or muscle testing, etc, but know that if you are reading this it is resonating with you at some level! Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, you must seek advice from a professional about your health concerns. Over 18s only. There is no scientific evidence for psychic / healing phenomena so in accordance with ebay rules I must state that this is for entertainment only. I accept Paypal ~~~ Please email me prior to purchasing if you have any questions. Distance / Remote Healing Once healing sessions are bought they cannot be refunded. Healing is helpful land beneficial to everyone no matter what their state of health, mind or happiness. Please check out my other items also … You might find some unique gifts here … Have fun looking!!! ~~~ “Thank you for your purchases”

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